Technical Documents

Creating an Invasive Plant Management Strategy: A Framework for Ontario Municipalities

A how-to guide to help you create a comprehensive invasive plant management strategy for your municipality.

The Landowner’s Guide to Controlling Invasive Woodland Plants

A brief guide to guide the management of the “usual suspects” of woodland invasive plants. 

A Landowner’s Guide to Managing and Controlling Invasive Plants in Ontario

A general guide outlining steps for surveying, prioritizing, controlling and restoring areas containing invasive plants. 

Compendium of Invasive Plant Management in Ontario

A thorough compendium of all businesses and organizations managing invasive plants across Ontario.

Invasive Species Education & Outreach: 2013 Compendium of Resources

A compendium of all education and outreach resources available for invasive species in Ontario. 

Invasive Phragmites Site Prioritization Tool

A scoring/prioritization tool created to help landscape-level management of invasive Phragmites populations.

Quick Reference Guide

A handy picture-heavy guide containing identification features for Ontario’s most common invasive plants.

Clean Equipment Protocol

A document created to help prevent the spread of invasive plants by contaminated heavy equipment.

Invasive Plant Management Professionals List

A regularly updated list of invasive plant management professionals available for hire across Ontario.